Group Classes

In a time where we are bound by busy schedules and artificial intelligence, 73deciBel is here to do away with conventional method of teaching offering ONLINE lessons to students, yet with a real time experience. Our online sessions gives our students the experience of real time learning through time bound sessions, where both teachers and students are required to be online as scheduled at a particular time. Students will be sent links to join LIVE classes unlike most offline lessons which are of only recorded sessions. All our ONLINE sessions (group session of 15 students) will ensure that our students interact with the teachers LIVE. We use conference tool such as ZOOM.US which has Audio, Video and Whiteboards to write which is a real time experience with a benefit of location flexibility.

Programs – Beginner (Tamil through English), Intermediate (Complete English Grammar), & Advance
(Discussions on Pitch, Style and Tone)
Number of Sessions – 30
Approach – Online (Group Classes)
Time Duration – One and half hours for each level ( 1 Hour of Teaching and ½ hour of discussions )
2 months, alternate days.
Batch Info – New Batches start on the second day of every month
Number of Batches – Two (morning 6 am night 9 pm)
Group Strength – Max only 10 students
Study Materials – Will be provided
Criteria – For level 2 and 3 anybody can join
For level 1 limited to only Tamil Speaking Students
Customization – One to One (On Request)

Benefits of our classes

  •  Flexibility Location : Choose to learn from any location
  •  Convenience : Need not Travel through hectic traffic, learn from the comforts of your home
  •  Many Schedules : Can choose a specific timing from the many options that are available
  •  Access to Information : Study materials are easily accessible as they are in digital formats
  •  Engage with the teacher : Can experience closer session with the teachers unlike in a classroom of too many students
  •  Cost Effective : Quality online lessons offered at much lesser cost than classroom lessons
  • Live Conversation : LIVE classes unlike most offline lessons which are of only recorded sessions
  •  Practical Experience : Experience talking to group members in English and you are free to ask questions in Tamil
  • or in any of your local Languages till the time you speak English comfortably.